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Instead of your shame, you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance.
And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.

Isaiah 61:7






We believe that with God and horses... healthy individuals, families, relationships, ministries and companies are possible right now.



Individual Sessions

It is possible to be free of those racing thoughts you have, the ones that keep getting in the way of healthy relationships. Misguided patterns of thinking and behavior hold you hostage to anxiety, addiction, depression and low self esteem, but they do not have to anymore! FBEAP offers personal growth exercises with the horses to efficiently, swiftly, and gently address specific issues and offer Biblical and life changing solutions. Schedule your session by filling out our intake form.

Marriage & Family

Marriage can be hard, but it can also be beautiful and sanctifying. Our private marriage sessions quickly, effectively and gently locate unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior and replace them with healthy, clear, and balanced thinking and behavior. Experience healing and learn new tools for you and your spouse to move forward in unity. Make your appointment by filling out our intake form.

Corporate Team Building

Are you losing productivity? Is there recurring miscommunication within your organization? Do you dream of a company that runs smoothly and experiences exponential growth this year? We help organizations and leadership teams locate where problems occur and offer creative solutions for the future. This work has been successful for ministry teams, medical and hospital staff, corporate leadership and other employees. To start your company on a path to health and clear vision, schedule your appointment by filling out our intake form.

Youth Groups

Youth experience a lot of hurt and anxiety today but rarely have an opportunity to have someone really listen and process with them.  They constantly come up against problems with their families, peers, school and self image.  By partnering with God and horses we have seen teens experience tremendous breakthrough in their lives even in just one session. If you are a youth pastor, we would love to meet you and your group!  Simply fill out our intake form to get started.

Ministry Leadership Teams

Ministry can be complicated and messy.  Are you managing a new ministry team and looking for a creative way to grow in unity?  Are you launching a church plant and need to process through your new church's organization and mission?  Do you just love your leadership team already and would truly enjoy a fun event with them?  We can help with all of these!  Get away for a short retreat, be poured into and refreshed!  To get started, fill out our intake form.

Ministry Partnerships

Do you work for a ministry that serves a population that might benefit from any of our services?  We would love to partner with you!  We raise funds annually to cover the costs of serving local non profit ministries so our services are little to no cost to your organization.  We currently partner with ministries like Legacy Dream Center and we would love to partner with you!  Please reach out by calling 936.203.9312.


What is FBEAP?

Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP) employs intentional interaction and exercises with horses that create opportunities to expose unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior in real time, all while offering alternative healthy tools that can be used in everyday life.  All FBEAP exercises are founded on Biblical principles and wild horse behavior.

A Brief History of Horse and Soul

Horse and Soul began in Maria's heart in 2007 when she was going to college at Vanguard University in Southern California.  While attending, she had been seeking God, knowing she was called into ministry, but unsure of what shape that would take.  Maria had grown up an avid equestrian competing in eventing and hunter/jumpers, showing all over California with her horses.  When exercising horses in Southern California for trainer Cherilynn Von Aldenbrook, Maria somehow just knew intuitively that she had to combine her passions of ministry, people, and equestrian sports.

This passion continued to grow and led her to Colorado where she attended Denver Seminary, earned her master's degree in Christian Formation and Soul Care, and opened up Horse and Soul for the first time in Sedalia, CO.  As it grew, Horse and Soul then moved to Castle Rock, CO and was operated out of Swan's Training Stable.  Horse and Soul grew and grew until there was a show team traveling all over Colorado for competitions, in addition to Maria being offered speaking engagements in Wyoming and Colorado.  At the end of 2016 Maria, along with her husband Mark, and three of their horses, moved to Conroe, TX where Horse and Soul took a little break, but is now open in this new non-profit capacity.  In 2018 Maria met Elaine Davis, of Unbridled Faith and the founder of Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy and attended a training for FBEAP.

Maria is excited to serve this community and see how God will work through her and her horses.  She would love to offer you and your family, business and church a place to experience Christ centered healing with the help of horses.


Here is what others are saying:


"Horse and Soul is an amazing combination of Maria’s passion and God’s presence. I had the unique opportunity to be a part of a session where teens walked through some tough situations that they face daily, guided by or guiding the horse. I saw freedom and peace fall in this place. God is awesome! Maria has such a beautiful heart that follows the Lord well and shares that with others. Thank you for this encounter. I will definitely be back!" -Lee M.-  Spring, TX


I am ready for my breakthrough...

Are you tired of experiencing the same issues over and over again?  Are you tired of listening to lies you have about yourself?  Are you done with the miscommunication cycle in your marriage?  Are you done with the problems in your company?


With your gift, you are transforming the world for the better.

We understand that you can only give so much and that there are many wonderful organizations out there.  We are grateful you have considered us.  Join our community of givers who are the heroes of our ministry and give a meaningful gift to Horse and Soul that will change the lives of people who are unable to pay for our services.  To learn more,